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Moving Averages & Tracking Modes

Your daily scale weight fluctuates unreliably, but your "moving average" weight is a meaningful weight loss tracker.

Here's why:

Scales are great for weight loss tracking because:

  1. They're available. Most people already have one.
  2. They're convenient. Only takes a few seconds.

But scales are terrible for weight loss tracking because:

  1. They measure mass we don't care about, like food in our digestive system, retained water weight, and glycogen weight (all of which fluctuate a lot).
  2. They aren't as accurate as they claim. Is your scale precise to 0.2 pounds increments? Try weighing yourself, picking up a stick of butter (which weighs 0.25 pounds), and weighing yourself again. Most home scales will fail to notice the difference.

The moving average maximizes the scale's benefits while neutralizing its weaknesses:

  1. To neutralize weight fluctuations, weigh yourself first thing in the morning, after using the restroom and before breakfast. It's the most stabilized moment day-to-day, fluctuation-wise.
  2. To neutralize scale accuracy problems, weigh yourself every single day, once, and Happy Scale will use an advanced mathematical formula to pick out the trend while performing a moving average.

If you follow these two rules, Happy Scale will help you paint a very smoothed-out picture of your weight-loss journey!

Nope. You can weigh in less frequently, like once a week.

The advantage of weighing daily is that more frequently you weigh in, the better the smoothing and predictions will be. But you should do whatever works best for you psychologically!

Happy Scale is built on the philosophy that you should never feel reluctant about stepping on the scale. And it can be heartbreaking to see a bigger number today than you saw yesterday!

Happy Scale emphasizes your 10-day-best to counteract your body's natural weight fluctuations. Every time you hit a new record low, you have up to ten days of dealing with pesky fluctations before you need to hit a new low weight.

It depends on how you think about your weight loss progress psychologically.

For some people, if they see a new all-time low number on the scale, that number is burned into their heads. 172.4 today! Woo! If that sounds like you, choose "10-day-best" tracking.

For some people, seeing the number on the scale stay the same (or sometimes go up) from day to day is really de-motivating. They feel like giving up because the scale won't budge. If that sounds like you, choose moving average tracking.

Moving average weight mode uses a trend predictor to predict what your weight is, and this usually results in a pretty smooth downward line. Instead of plateauing for 6 days and then losing 0.6 all at once, moving average weight mode is more likely to say you're losing 0.1 pounds all 6 of the days. You get to the same place, but it smooths it out.

Your moving average is sometimes better than your 10-day-best because Happy Scale uses a “double-exponential” moving average.

A double-exponential moving average applies a moving average to the daily trend, too. So let's say that over the last ten days you've lost, on average, 0.1 per day. Happy Scale will subtract 0.1 from yesterday's moving average, and then average in today's weigh-in. So your trend line can take on a bit of temporary “downward inertia” to push through mini plateaus.

So why does Happy Scale do this? Well, because a simple moving average tends to predict what you weighed a few days ago, and not what you weigh today. Consider if your last 5 weigh-ins were 202, 201, 200, 199, and 198. The average of those 5 numbers is 200, right? But your weight today is 198. Moving averages tend to lag behind in their predictions by a few days because the data points are all historical (and none are in the future to balance them out), and this technique compensates for that.

Will this technique predict that you're losing weight if you plateau for a month? No, because the trend moving average is also being recalcuated every day. If you plateau for more than a few days, Happy Scale will stop predicting that you're losing weight.

Some users don’t want this behavior. If you’d like to change Happy Scale to instead use a simple moving average, you can do so by going to:

Settings > Miscellaneous settings > Advanced settings and turning off “Advanced lag compensation.”

Note that if you do this, your moving average line will tend to ride “above” your weight loss progress by a little bit of weight.

How To Do Stuff

  1. Tap the Logbook tab.
  2. Tap the entry with the incorrect weight.
  3. Tap Edit Entry.
  4. Tap the Date and/or Weight field, and modify their values.
  5. Tap Update Entry.

You can track multiple user profiles on a single device:

  1. Tap the Logout button in the upper–left.
  2. Tap Create a New Profile.

Sometimes your weight loss journey needs a fresh start. Here's how to do it:

  1. Make sure you've added a new weight entry for the date and weight you will be starting over.
  2. Tap the Settings tab.
  3. Change the 'Start Date' field.
  4. Turn on the 'Hide entries before start date' switch.

This will hide your old entries, but it will not delete them. You can see your older entries at any time by turning the Fresh Start mode off.

What Stuff Means

The colored sections on the graph compare your weight to where it was 30 days ago.

If you have a green section above your line, its thickness represents how much you've lost in the last 30 days. Likewise, a red section below your line represents how much you've gained in the last 30 days.

You can modify how many days ago to compare to by tapping the gear icon in the upper–right of the Weight Chart card and modifying the 'Highlight progress over...' setting.

Dropbox Sync Support

No. Happy Scale requests limited access to Dropbox and can only see its own files. It also cannot see your Dropbox email address nor your Dropbox password.

No. The only way a profile will be deleted from your device using sync is if another synced device deletes your profile.

It's okay to use Happy Scale and make changes while it is disconnected from the Internet. Sync will resume when you reconnect.

Having issues with Dropbox sync?

Happy Scale supports having multiple profiles. If you've synced your devices, but they aren't showing the same data, it's possible that you're still looking at the profiles that originated on each device. Try tapping the "Logout" button in the upper–left, and look if there are multiple profiles listed.

Did sync once work but is no longer syncing between devices? You may need to re-authenticate with Dropbox. Here's how:

  1. On all your devices: In the sync settings, turn off Dropbox Sync. Note that you will not lose any of your profile information by doing this.
  2. Login to your Dropbox account on the Dropbox website and delete the Apps > Happy Scale folder.
  3. For each device, one at a time:
    1. Turn on Dropbox sync.
    2. Wait for the initial sync on one device to complete before turning on sync on another device.

If you still experience issues, please contact Happy Scale Support.

Apple Health Sync Support

Happy Scale can automatically export all your weight entries to the Health app, and it can also import weight entries from other apps.

When importing entries, Happy Scale will only import one weight per day. If there are multiple weight entries for a day, Happy Scale will import the lowest weight entry, as this is the best way to estimate your moving average.

Happy Scale considers your weight for a date to be the lowest weight you achieved that day, and it does not collect information about the time of day when you achieved that weight. Therefore, when exporting weight entries, Happy Scale will record all entries as being at noon on a given day.

Happy Scale can only sync one profile per device to the Health app. If you turn on Health sync for a user profile, and then turn it on for a different user profile, Happy Scale will disable Health sync for the original profile.

Happy Scale will import and export all records to the Health app every time you launch the app.

Having issues with Health app sync?

Ensure that you have granted Happy Scale permission to access your Health app database.

  1. Launch the Health app.
  2. Tap "Sources" on the bottom tab bar.
  3. Tap "Happy Scale" in the listing.
  4. Ensure the switches are turned on.

Is Happy Scale not seeing weight entries from your other apps?

  1. Launch the Health app.
  2. Tap "Health Data" on the bottom tab bar.
  3. Tap "Body Measurements" in the listing.
  4. Tap "Weight" in the listing.
  5. Tap "Show All Data" in the listing.
  6. Ensure you see weight entries from the other apps in the listing. If you don't, you need to enable Health sync in the other apps.


This happens sometimes when trying to query Apple's servers, and I'm not sure why. It's an intermittent problem, and it's best to just try again.

If this continues to happen for a while, and you are sure that you've already purchased the upgrade with your current Apple ID, then you can purchase it again. It's impossible for me to charge the same account twice for the Deluxe Edition, so it will instead tell you that you've already purchased it and restore your purchase for free.

I'm sorry to say that no, there's no Android version currently. No disrespect intended towards Android users, just haven't had the time to build an Android version.

Other Questions

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